Pinwheel Posing for Peace at Wing

The entire student body at Wing gathered at the school’s playground on Sept. 21, wearing white clothing and holding pinwheels they decorated as part of the annual Pinwheels for Peace project for the International Day of Peace. Joined by the school’s staff, they posed together to celebrate their creativity and peacefulness.

“The Pinwheels for Peace Project began in 2005, and we were proud to participate this year in school,” said Wing social worker Allison Siegel.  “On the International Day of Peace, everyone in the world thinks about making good choices, being kind and respectful to others. We celebrated it by decorating our own pinwheels, childhood symbols that reminds us of a time when things were simple, joyful and peaceful, and by talking about being kind, caring and respectful to others in our school and our community.”