Islip’s Best First Day


From Commack Road, Sherwood and Wing elementary schools, to the middle and high schools, for Islip’s students, it was a terrific first day of school, maybe even the very best. The windy aftermath of Hurricane Hermine failed to dent their excitement and renewed drive to learn as they renewed old friendships and sparked new ones on Sept. 6.

“It was wonderful to see the students return to school,” said Superintendent Susan A. Schnebel. “This is what education is all about.”

“What a great day,” said Islip Middle School Principal Timothy Martin. “More than 700 students began a new journey in the middle school, and I could not be more proud of the children and their excitement. With our teachers and staff, anything is possible. I cherish the opportunities in the year ahead.”

“Sherwood kicked off our first day in grand style,” said Lynn Burke, the school’s interim principal. “The positive tone set during Superintendent’s Conference Days, coupled with the hard work of all staff made our opening a positive experience for every child. The students and families of Islip are very fortunate to be part of this thriving school community.”

“Our kids were really happy and enthusiastic on their first day of school,” said Commack Road Principal Brian McCarthy. “As one of our fifth-graders, Kylie McDonald, passed me to board the bus, I asked her how her first day back to school had been. She smiled and said what I believe every kid felt: ‘This was the best first day ever, the best!’”