Commack Road Wave Parade Lifts Community Spirits

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Bringing joy and demonstrating community spirit, the faculty and staff of Commack Road put on a Wave Parade on May 5, driving through the neighborhood and honking their horns.  The procession was led by members of the Islip Fire Department, who volunteered their time to help out the school.

“We were touched by the outpouring of emotion that we were met with by the Islip community,” said teacher Christine LeMaire. “Even people without school-age children were on their porches waving their hands and American flags to show that we are truly in this together. We wanted to show our families how much we missed them, but with the announcement of the closure of the school buildings for the remainder of the year, the reality of what that means hit. It was a great day for the community and an emotional experience for all students, parents and staff.”

“Our goal was to do something during this time for our kids, families and community that would let them know how important they are to us and to try to lift their spirits up,” said teacher Cheryl Brown. “Seeing all of them cheering us on was beautiful.”